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Preparing Your Rental Property For Winter

Sherkica Miller-McIntyre - Friday, November 15, 2019

Preparing your rental property for winter is essential. Below you will find some simple winter maintenance tips that can help to prevent a crisis when the freezing weather hits. 


One of the first things that you should do is landscaping around the property. Snow and ice have a tendency to weigh down trees, branches, and shrubs. This can ultimately result in the snapping of branches and preventable damage. By pruning large limbs back, you can lower your risk of potential problems. 

Wrap Outside Pipes

Protect any uninsulated pipes by wrapping them up in foam sleeves, detach and drain garden hoses and cover spigots to decrease the chances of damage. Non-insulated pipes are vulnerable to cold temperatures and can burst without much notice.  

Inspect the Roof  

Look for any signs of deterioration, holes, or excess weathering. When snow piles up, it places a lot of extra weight on a roof so you want to make sure it will be able to withstand it.  

Clean the Chimney

If your rental property has a fireplace, order a chimney sweep. Chances are that your tenants will want to use the fireplace with the colder temperatures. Inspect or have the chimney inspected for signs of obstruction or damage prior to the season’s first use to ensure that there are no fire hazards.  

Clean Out the Gutters  

Take a look at your gutters and remove any large obstructions or leaves that may have accumulated. Once the snow begins to melt, you want your gutter system to be prepared for the large amounts of water that will be trickling down. Clogged gutters can cause roof damage. 

Change Out HVAC Filters 

Having the furnace serviced can save you a ton of money. Just like you inspect the HVAC system prior to the beginning of summer, it is also a good idea to look at it before the beginning of winter. It’s much less expensive to take care of major problems now than it is to call up your HVAC company with an issue that needs to be fixed right away.

One inexpensive and simple thing you should do is change out the home’s air filters. If it is a particularly cold winter, the HVAC system might be required to work overtime, which means more dust is sent through the filters. Replacing them on the front end will allow for more efficiency.

Leave the Heat On  

If you have vacant rental properties, you may be tempted to cut off the heat to save money. Unfortunately, this can lead to permanent damage to the property and to expensive plumbing problems down the road. Your properties thermostat should be set to maintain a minimum temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When it comes to seasonal maintenance, your Property Manager can save you a lot of time and money. Not only do we know the best and most affordable contractors in the area, but we will also ensure that the work gets done in the most efficient way possible. Property Managers protect your investment while also ensuring your passive income actually stays passive.

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